Midwest Travel Network

Sharing Stories of the Midwest By Connecting Bloggers and Destinations

Midwest Travel Network was created to provide opportunities for travel writers and destinations to connect. We hope to make those connections easier. Our Midwest Travel Network mission is to connect the writers/bloggers/ influencers with tourism partners to share the great places, eats, and stories of the Midwest. We are proud to offer a welcoming, supportive and authentic community for bloggers and destinations.

(Due to COVID 19- our conference that was slated for 2020, has been postponed to 2021 in the same location, St. Cloud, Minnesota.)

Connecting Midwest Influencers and Travel Partners
St. Cloud, MN June 10-12, 2021

For the third year, MWTN is proud to present a conference geared towards both sides of the Midwest Travel Industry equation. The third Midwest Travel Network Conference offers acclaimed speakers and learning opportunities for both Midwest Bloggers and Midwest Destinations. In addition, this is a valuable networking conference for all involved in promoting tourism to the Midwest.

Join Us in St. Cloud

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Midwest Travel Network Founders

October 23, 2013, Sara Broers and Lisa Trudell co-founded Midwest Travel Bloggers. This was primarily a group made of travel bloggers based in the Midwest collaborating, networking and sharing the stories of the Midwest. Now five years later, the organization has evolved into Midwest Travel Network, a group made up of not only writers and bloggers but also the tourism partners working hard to promote their communities.