A Typical Day in Clear Lake? Never!

Clear Lake sunset


Clear Lake sunset

By Jenny Doughty

As the water slowly laps around my feet, I feel the warmth of the sun above and hear the welcoming cries of the sea gulls. Overhead, wispy cotton candy clouds drift lazily in a brilliant blue sky.  I reflect on the day ahead and wonder what excitement awaits. Gazing down Main Street an eclectic mix of shops, restaurants and boutiques await my exploration each offering something unique – delectable tastes, fabulous gifts, clothing, collectibles and more. The park beside me in the heart of town will soon awaken with the laughter of children as they climb to the top of the slide and swoosh down its length while a family sits nearby sharing a picnic lunch. A couple sits in quiet conversation on a nearby bench sharing smiles and meaningful looks. Tonight, as the sun goes down offering a brilliant back-drop to the band shell, music will fill the air while people gather to enjoy.

You Knew Me When

Behind me Clear Lake reminds me of all it has to offer with its great expanse and shimmering beauty. Folks begin gathering on the docks, fishing lines cast in hopes of catching “the big one”. Others launch their boats for deeper waters or the fun and excitement of tubing, skiing or sailing. Nearby, the Lady of the Lake excursion boat begins to hum, the spray of water glistening like diamonds as her paddlewheel turns while music and laughter fill the air. Someone walks their dog on the brick path winding along the waterfront while folks begin laying out their towels for the day’s swim and basking on the beach. Fun, food and relaxation seem to be the order of the day.


Strolling past downtown I wander towards the Central Gardens its beauty revealed in a rainbow of color, scents and textures beckoning I stroll along its path. Stopping by the local brewery I share a flavorful flight of hand-picked brews and my stomach reminds me it’s been ignored far too long. What will I enjoy today – steak, deli sandwiches, Italian fare, fish, BBQ, Mexican, broasted chicken, pizza, farm-to-fork creations or??? The options seem endless!


Looking at the week ahead I marvel at all this community has to offer for no day is typical in this idyllic town! With all that it offers, my family and I can create an experience that’s as varied as each family member. We can explore, create, play, celebrate, laugh and enjoy; captured by the beauty and rhythm that is Clear Lake.

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