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Midwest Travel Bloggers Recommend Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha is one of those midwest destinations that you will find yourself sharing with others. We love so many things about this city, as there’s literally something new around every corner. It’s fairly large, with more than 900,00 people in the metro area, yet it manages to give visitors a warm welcome. There’s something to be said about the friendly people that call the midwest home. History enthusiasts will appreciate how Omaha has kept history alive, through several museums and art galleries.

history in Omaha





Food enthusiasts will not be disappointed when it comes to experiencing a wide variety of culinary experiences. Animal lovers will enjoy an award winning zoo and more.Enthusiasts with many interests will find themselves planning a return visit, soon after arriving for their first visit.

Did you know that Omaha is known for steak? Omaha Steaks is proud of the rich history, that includes Omaha. The next time you sink your teeth into a mouth-watering Omaha Steak, take the time to appreciate all the work that went into building a company in Omaha. The people of Omaha are proud of their heritage and the companies that have helped put them on the map.

We love the fact that Omaha is home to many unique neighborhoods that are walkable. Being able to enjoy the outdoors is an amenity that many appreciate in today’s focus on wellness. Omaha offers a nice variety of places to experience nature and even stand in two states at the same time! There are not many places in the country where that is possible.

Iowa Nebraska Feet



Architectural enthusiasts will also find designs that are sure to set their creative juices in motion. Take a stroll through the Old Market area and you will quickly find that Omaha is a community that embraces architectural experiences. The restaurants and shops will entice you to spend a few hours in this area of Omaha.

Have you experienced all that Omaha has to offer? We have put together a helpful guide, featuring the Top 10 Things To Do In Omaha. Your first visit will be enjoyable, as you take in the top things to do in this bustling community.

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Midwest Travel Bloggers Recommend Clear Lake, Iowa

Clear Lake Fire works

Clear Lake, Iowa is one of those midwest destinations that you will immediately fall in love with. You will also find yourself planning your next visit, as soon as you arrive.

Clear Lake is easy to get to. It’s located right off of I-35 at Exit 194, in North Iowa. The Mason City Municipal Airport is approximately one mile from the Interstate. Here you can fly in on Air Choice One and head on over to North Iowa Collision Center to rent a car while in town.

North Iowa Collision Center

We love the feeling of community when dining in the local restaurants, as well as the variety of experiences. One of the newest dining experiences can be found at the Surf District Bar & Grill, located near the Legendary Surf Ballroom. From boating to dining, there’s a wide variety of activities for families of all ages. City Beach, as well as Clear Lake State Park offer family friendly beaches.

Clear Lake is a boater’s paradise, as well as a fisherman’s dream lake. The walleye are fairly easy to catch, as are the yellow bass. Visit a local bait shop before you head out with your fishing pole in hand. We have learned in our travels, that the locals do know where to find “local” secrets. Clear Lake, is no different. As we have said before, the locals here are very friendly.

Did we mention that Clear Lake is also affordable? Clear Lake was recently featured in Forbes, as one of the 25 Cheapest Places To Travel To This Summer. It’s also one of the best remaining traditional 4th of July Celebrations in the midwest. Here’s your glimpse into what the fireworks look like when out on the lake in a boat on the 4th of July.

Clear Lake Fire works

Family friendly events throughout the week, keep families returning year after year.

Have you enjoyed spending time at a midwest lake? If so, we’d love to hear about it. Do you want to learn more about Clear Lake, Iowa?

Here are the Top 10 Things To Do In Clear Lake, Iowa.



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Midwest Travel Bloggers Recommend: Mason City, Iowa

The Midwest is full of hidden treasures. Did you know that Mason City, Iowa, is often referred to as River City? A community filled with music, nature, and architecture. Mason City is located in North Central Iowa, approximately 30 miles south of the Minnesota border. In case you are wondering, I-35, Highway 65 and Highway 18, are the three major highways that run near River City.

Mason City’s pride and joy is Meredith Willson. In fact, the Grammy award winner was born in Mason City.

Music Man Square MuseumThe tradition of music lives on in this small town, year after year. The Mason City High School choir is an award winning choir; year after year.

Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the numerous hiking trails that follow rivers, streams and outstanding birding opportunities. With four seasons, you can only imagine the variety of opportunities available. Cross country skiing and snow shoeing are two outdoor sports that keep people moving during the middle of winter.

Architecture enthusiasts will adore Mason City. In fact, Frank Lloyd Wright properties are numerous. The beauty of touring these properties in this North Iowa community, is the fact that you will not fight bumper to bumper traffic to experience the stunning architecture. Mason City is also proud of the fact that they are home to the last known hotel in the world that was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Frank Lloyd Wright Hotel

And as you know, food is a major part of any destination. If you want one of the world’s most flavorful steaks, this is your destination. If you enjoy a variety of Mexican foods, this North Iowa community also offers a taste of Mexico. One would never know that a “Michigan” sandwich could bring your taste buds to life in Iowa.

We love the fact that Mason City is located part way between Minneapolis and Des Moines. Located in the heart of America. Omaha, Kansas City, Sioux Falls and Chicago residents, can find themselves in Mason City, in a relatively short period of time.


We know that you will love this warm, welcoming North Iowa Community. Do you want to learn more? Here are our Top 10 Things To Do In Mason City, Iowa.

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BBQ, Seafood and More In Kansas City

When you think of Kansas City, you think of BBQ, music, and culture that knocks your socks off. We recently spent 24 hours in Kansas City and found all of the above and more!

It’s true, Kansas City is a BBQ lover’s dream come true. We had a great taste of Kansas City’s BBQ at Char Bar. We then experienced seafood at Bristol Seafood Grill. This was a small sampling of the different flavors that Kansas City has to offer.

Naked Burnt Ends KC
Naked Burnt Ends KC

Char Bar offered up Kansas City’s famous naked burnt ends and all the fixing’s, which included outstanding baked beans.

Our appetizer kicked things off the right way with these Cheesy Hushpuppies at Char Bar.

These mouthwatering hushpuppies were composed of stone-ground grits that were out of this world.

Bristol Seafood & Grill located in the Light & Power District offered another flavor of Kansas City. Here we had lobster mac and cheese. We tend to like our mac and cheese with a little crunch, not too creamy and just right.

We are pleased to say…. Bristol Seafood & Grill offered a fantastic taste of seafood in the heart of the midwest.

A visit to Kansas City would not be complete without swinging into Cosentino’s Downtown Market. We ate breakfast here and we had a nice selection of breakfast foods, including fresh fruit. You serve it up yourself and dish your meal into a to-go container. Breakfast is priced by the pound, so if you want to indulge in several chunks of pineapple, your breakfast may be priced higher.

Cosentino’s is a Kansas City area favorite and we would add that it quickly became a favorite of ours.

The bakery is out of this world, as well as the nice selection of local wines and brews.

The marketplace is also loaded with colorful fruits and vegetables. Cosentino’s will make your meal planning easy. The large selection of food and drink is right at your fingertips. You can shop till you drop at Cosentino’s.

If a quick slice of pizza is calling your name, swing into the Pizza Bar. The service is quick, the environment is fun while enjoying a slice of pizza.

24 hours is simply not enough to indulge in all of the flavors that Kansas City has to offer. We look forward to a return visit and maybe comparing a few BBQ joints.

Do you have a favorite BBQ joint in Kansas City? We would love to hear which one is your favorite.

Thank you to Visit KC for hosting us.