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Featured Blogger Of The Month: Cindy Ladage

We would like to introduce you to our featured blogger of the month. Meet Cindy Ladage, Traveling Adventures of a Farm Girl. Cindy has a passion for agriculture and all that the midwest has to offer. We hope you enjoy getting to know Cindy, as much as we have.

Cindy Ladage

When & Why Did You Start Blogging?

I started blogging in 2012.  The main reason was to have a place to put stories I wanted to tell.  I am passionate about preserving agriculture and sometimes want to say more, or devote more time to stories than my publications allow.  Most of all though I wanted a place to share the wonderful places I go, people I meet, and great events that are out there.

What Blogs Do You Read On A Regular Basis?

In all honesty, this varies by what I am in the mood for. I like the Epicurean Travel, Chicago Foodie Sisters and of course Midwest Travel Bloggers updates!

What State Do You Call Home?

Illinois.  I have lived in Central Illinois all my life.

Where Is Your Favorite Midwest Attraction Located?

I guess this would be a two part answer.  My husband and I have been going to Amana Colonies Iowa for years and just love it, and I personally adore Southern Illinois and the Shawnee Forest area. This is such a beautiful part of our state and there is so much amazing history there and it is always the history that gets me.

What Is Your Number One Travel Tip?

My number one travel tip is not to overlook the little things.  Sometimes that small town museum or that Wayside stop holds an amazing story.  With just a little looking it is astounding what history a place may hold.

Where Do You See Yourself And Your Blog In Five Years?

I see my blog expanding as my education with blogging increases.  I see myself traveling more and sharing more stories with I hope an ever expanding audience.

Where Can We Follow You On Social Media?

My Facebook site is Traveling Adventures of a Farm Girl and my twitter handle is @Cindy Ladage, I am also Cindy Ladage Instagram.  To receive my blog right in your email, it is easy to subscribe and I would love to have new readers join me on my adventures!