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Midwest Travel Bloggers Recommend Omaha, Nebraska

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Omaha is one of those midwest destinations that you will find yourself sharing with others. We love so many things about this city, as there’s literally something new around every corner. It’s fairly large, with more than 900,00 people in the metro area, yet it manages to give visitors a warm welcome. There’s something to be said about the friendly people that call the midwest home. History enthusiasts will appreciate how Omaha has kept history alive, through several museums and art galleries.

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Food enthusiasts will not be disappointed when it comes to experiencing a wide variety of culinary experiences. Animal lovers will enjoy an award winning zoo and more.Enthusiasts with many interests will find themselves planning a return visit, soon after arriving for their first visit.

Did you know that Omaha is known for steak? Omaha Steaks is proud of the rich history, that includes Omaha. The next time you sink your teeth into a mouth-watering Omaha Steak, take the time to appreciate all the work that went into building a company in Omaha. The people of Omaha are proud of their heritage and the companies that have helped put them on the map.

We love the fact that Omaha is home to many unique neighborhoods that are walkable. Being able to enjoy the outdoors is an amenity that many appreciate in today’s focus on wellness. Omaha offers a nice variety of places to experience nature and even stand in two states at the same time! There are not many places in the country where that is possible.

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Architectural enthusiasts will also find designs that are sure to set their creative juices in motion. Take a stroll through the Old Market area and you will quickly find that Omaha is a community that embraces architectural experiences. The restaurants and shops will entice you to spend a few hours in this area of Omaha.

Have you experienced all that Omaha has to offer? We have put together a helpful guide, featuring the Top 10 Things To Do In Omaha. Your first visit will be enjoyable, as you take in the top things to do in this bustling community.

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