Steve and Ann Teget: Postcard Jar

Steve & Ann Teget: Why Engagement Matters: Building authentic relationships with your audience

Steve & Ann Teget

Bio: Steve, a recovering middle school principal, and Ann, a former public and government relations executive, are now full-time travel bloggers and influencers at They work together with companies, destinations, and CVBs to tell authentic stories of midlife travel through their personal experiences and eye-catching photography. They currently split their time between homes in Nebraska and Oklahoma. You can follow all of their journeys on social media @postcardjar.

Summary: Travel writers and influencers Steve and Ann Teget will show you how to build an engaged audience for your blog or destination. With so much social media content available today, they’ll teach you how to stand out from the crowd and become relevant to your followers. In this session, you’ll learn tips on how to be authentic, track engagement, create opportunities for interaction, keep in touch with your audience, and be consistent with your brand. This session is relevant for both bloggers and destinations.