Testimonials From Our Bloggers

Theresa Goodrich – Local Tourist

“Ever since I first heard about Midwest Travel Network (then Midwest Travel Bloggers) by eavesdropping on some fellow travel writers, I have been consistently impressed by the professionalism and support of Lisa, Sara, and the members of the group. The concept of bringing together communities with people who can passionately tell their stories is brilliant, and it’s opened doors and created new audiences for both. 

Personally, Midwest Travel Network has impacted the direction and the trajectory of my site and of my career. In 2016, I switched gears from a Chicago focus to U.S. travel writing, and since then I’ve written two books and have spoken at the Travel & Adventure Show and the Chicago Auto Show and mentored at Bloghouse, among other milestones. I can trace much of my growth directly to the decision to join Lisa and Sara’s Facebook group. 

Midwest Travel Network truly celebrates all-things-Midwest, and, more importantly, celebrates the people who make the Midwest the warm, exciting destinations that we love to call home and share with the world.”

Mike Kopp – Beautiful Badlands  

“We’ve digested and implemented much from our interaction with you and fellow attendees at the Midwest Travel Network Conference in Medora.  Invaluable was the information presented, as were the connections and friendships formed as a direct result of the gathering.   The conference was well planned and moved along so smoothly! Kudos to you both for the long hours, expertise, and intense effort involved in staging the event!  It was characterized by professionalism!” 

Sage Scott-  Everday Wanderer

The Midwest Travel Network has helped me connect with Convention and Visitors Bureaus, Destination Marketing Organizations, and specific attractions and venues to help me share the often overlooked opportunities available in the American Midwest. I’ve found every relationship to be a win-win. I gain access to the destinations, attractions, history, and information I need to really tell its story. And the destination benefits from an independent, third party’s authentic perspective through published articles and social media.

Anonymous – from survey of 2019 Midwest Travel Network Conference

“Love this conference, what it stands for, and who it brings together. Thank you for all your hard work on this event!”

Kay Johnson – Happy Trails Hiking 

“For my first travel conference, I felt so welcome!  I learned so much. Thank you!”

Lena Burkut – Way 2 Good Life 

“Love it- I love everything about the Midwest Travel Network.”

Amy Piper – Follow The Piper

“The Midwest Travel Network leaders Sara Broers and Lisa Trudell are genius at bringing together bloggers and destinations. They have many activities where the two groups are brought together for mutual accomplishments. The virtual Midwest Travel Network Facebook page brought me restaurant suggestions that I’ve used in my food writing. The Midwest TravelCon introduced me to other bloggers that I have worked with on joint projects and destinations where I was able to obtain additional content for my blog. The Writer’s Workshop helped me improve my writing while introducing me to more travel experiences. These are just a few of the stellar experiences I’ve had with the Midwest Travel Network, and I strongly recommend others to get involved. You can’t go wrong.”

Roxie YonkeyRoxie On The Road

“Overstating the impact of the Midwest Travel Network on my tourism career would be nearly impossible. As a member of the destination marketing side of travel blogging, I attended the initial Midwest Travel Conference. I learned so much to bring back to my association and made many useful contacts. MWTN’s ability to promote my destinations and learn who could help us reach the best audience was invaluable. When I switched to the writer side, the people in MWTN guided me into best practices and gave me ideas about how I could improve and grow. Because of MWTN, I am on the path to success in the blogging world. Among many other benefits, I’m a co-author of the book Midwest Road Trip Adventures. If you’re a Midwest destination or a Midwest writer, you MUST join the Midwest Travel Network.”






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