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May 11, 2018: Midwest Travel Bloggers Conference


Oct 4-6,2016- Four Midwest Travel Bloggers explore Charles City, Iowa.

Touring the sights in Charles City

Up next on any travelers’ destinations, it’s the hometown charm and history of Charles City –– so say four bloggers on a three-day retreat, touring some of the highlights of the town.
The featured writers of are all based in midwest states with a desire to promote tourism in “flyover states”, Sara Broers ( said.
“Most bloggers that are based in the midwest have a passion of supporting local, be it their town, their county, their state, and the midwest brings everybody together,” Broers said. “It’s challenging when we’re in the heart of rural America. This kind of brings us all together and connects us.” Broers and her partner Lisa Trudell at Midwest Travel Bloggers have worked with communities to host blogger tours before. The goal is always to encourage people to travel in smaller communities, Broers said.
“It brings dollars to the community, and it’s building that economic base in each community across the midwest,” Broers said. “In the midwest, we’re very good at leaving tourism dollars on the table as people drive through. Why not get a chunk of that money?”
It’s easy to miss the attractions residents live with daily, Theresa Carter ( said.
“You guys have this amazing, incredible art collection at your library, and it’s free for anybody to see, but it’s something you don’t really think about touting or showing off,” Carter said. Travel blogging in the midwest means discovering those items.
“I look for whatever makes a local community unique. What can’t you find anywhere else?” Chrysa Duran ( said. “The (Floyd County) museum really surprised me…it’s really outstanding for such a small community to have so much packed in there.”
“I really have enjoyed the art that you have, from the stained-glass windows and the Arts Center, the arch in the park make out of machinery parts, to the mill wheel on the river,” Cindy Ladage ( said.
The Midwest Travel Bloggers tour continues on Thursday, as the writers visit wind turbines and a local farm to learn more about Floyd County agriculture.A blogger’s end goal is seeing posts from readers who’ve chosen to make those towns their own vacation spot, Broers said.
“What I’d love to see is people to come here from the rat race,” Broers said. “It’s a community where the people welcome you, and you can slow down a bit.”