Scroll Top IP Address: A Result Of Modern Technology

No doubt everyone has heard the term IP address. If you are not a techie, you may not have any shadowy notion about what an IP address is and how it works. Ok, let’s explore the concept of IP address today. An IP address is a fascinating product of the modern technology in today’s world where two computers are connected with each other so that they can communicate with the other with the help of internet. IP addresses can provide the location of billions of services that are connected by way of the internet so that they can be pinpointed and differentiated from other devices. Like, you need a mailing address to send nails, in the same way, a computer needs your IP address to communicate with the other computers.

IP stands for Internet Protocol which means that IP address stands for Internet Protocol address. IP address is the set of proper rules that are useful to govern the internet activity and deal with a number of actions on the World Wide Web. Therefore an IP address is part of a systematically laid out grid which is interconnected, governs the communication online by identifying the devices and various destinations on internet making possible a two- way communication process.

How does the IP address look like?

An IP address consists of 4 numbers, each set contains one to three digits, separating each number or set of the numbers with a dot (.). Each 4 set of numbers can range from 0 to 255. Here is the example for IP address Admin Login. This group of numbers is the key to send and receive data over the internet connections, ensuring that the messages and data we are sending and requested will reach their correct destinations. Without this series of numbers sending and receiving data over the internet is impossible. IP address can be static or dynamic. Static addresses do not change. They have a permanent internet address and provide you a simple way for the nearby computers to contact you. Dynamic IP address is not temporary and are assigned each time the computer joins network. They are borrowed from a pool of IP address that is being shared among various computers.

The special use of IP address is assigned by (IANA) Internet Assigned Numbers Authority and has been reserved for special reason or purpose. The IANA’s authority to delineate the addresses comes from IETF to make the assignments to support the Internet Standard process. IP addresses have reduced the cyber crimes to a great extent and has been a useful source for the people dealing in cyber crimes.

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